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This blog is a small catalog of items that I’ve talked about on Social Media. If just made sense to put these links in the same place so I don’t have to remember where stuff is.

My mother, Doris Johnson has self-published three books since 2013. That is wonderful considering she used to say, “Oh, I don’t need a computer. What would I use it for?” Mom is a fast learner, because it wasn’t long after getting online that she figured out what that computer could do.

Click the link below to see what the author, Doris Johnson has been up to.

Family News

Las Vegas veteran, 90, reflects on his WWII service, race and field hospitals


Here’s a link to some of my more recent photos. Nothing special really. Just a place where I can be creative. I use my smartphone to snap pictures most of the time these days. Sometimes I miss the feeling I got over four decades ago, watching a photographs come to life in a tray of developer. It was magic.

spa room with oilsMassage Therapy

I still love my part time job. See my reviews.

Massage Therapist at Ambiance Spa & Salon.


fb wedding selfMissed our wedding?

Here’s the link to Debbie & Tony’s Wedding 7/31/15

Video – click here

Photos – click here

my dreams and jobs - cover art

About Me

This is a book I self published for my daughter. It’s a list of all of my jobs, hobbies and occupations I pretended to have when I was a child.

My Dreams and Jobs

It was fun going down memory lane. I think the only job I forgot to write about was Newspaper Delivery.

Short films from my college days at MCAD.

Little Brothers of the Poor


African American Cultural Center

Composites – Project for a film class



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